Short vs tall

Is it okay for a short person to make fun of tall people the way tall people make fun of short people? (Of course it is. Why shouldn't it be? ) And yes, tall people make fun of short people a lot. Or at least the ones I know. My friends are always making fun … Continue reading Short vs tall


Nothing to see here

It is afternoon and I am walking home. Look at that, 12 years seated in an English class and I still did not learn. My primary school English teacher would cane me thoroughly for that one. Or pinch me. She really liked doing that. Pinching innocent children like me who deliberately make grammatical mistakes on … Continue reading Nothing to see here

Was it the stairs again?

When we hear about gender based violence, we are quick to assume the man is the perpetrator and the woman the victim. But what about “the other side of this story”. The one that doesn’t get spoken about often. For reasons that are too many to list here. Well here's a story written by a … Continue reading Was it the stairs again?

Mungu halafu sasa form?

I had a conversation with a friend. Let’s just say the year has not started well for her. And it seems like there’s something worse at every turn. She looked really downbeat when I walked in. Just wanted to watch a movie and get swallowed by the motions of life. She talked about these being … Continue reading Mungu halafu sasa form?

How many have you read?

According to The BBC a lot of people have read not more than six titles in the list below. The challenge was, post the list and bold the titles you’ve read. Somebody had 69 bolded titles. Wow. If they added in an instruction to italicize the ones you own, that would have added a lot more … Continue reading How many have you read?

I am expected to love you but…

Everyone says I should love you. It is expected of me. But does anyone consider my side of the story? You carried me in your womb for nine months. You beat me with a hot iron rod till I was nine. It is not that the beatings stopped. It is that I learned how to … Continue reading I am expected to love you but…