Photo me?

It is funny how some things just never change. The way people start telling their African mum stories on Twitter and Facebook and it is like everyone grew up in the same house. Or all our mothers attended the same ‘Motherhood’ school despite having never met. Last week, I was walking in town. At around … Continue reading Photo me?


Liebster Award 2018

So, that badge in the image is thanks to he that is behind MyLitCorner, (you can find his witty, creative and outright beautiful pieces here. (Can I use this as an excuse to ask you guys for a teddy bear tomorrow. You know to cheer me on.😀😀) Here is my response to his Liebster Award nomination. … Continue reading Liebster Award 2018

She is a tiger you cannot tame

This story I wrote a very long time ago. And for one reason or another decided against sharing it. But today I shrugged and decided to put it up. I will not date it though. Enjoy. ********* Still waters run deep. Common phrase. It’s truth evidenced by the one sitting across from me. She shifts … Continue reading She is a tiger you cannot tame

The beauty that is Mount Longonot

If there is one thing I love it is being in new places. Being, because much as I like seeing the scenery and I enjoy touring the new place, getting there might involve a range of illnesses and tantrums. I suppose I should have warned someone about this before we went to Longonot. Longonot has … Continue reading The beauty that is Mount Longonot

Sunshine, Thoughts, Death.

He’s probably dying. Or maybe he’s thirsty. Should I get him a drink? Help him up? Maybe I should let him preserve his dignity in death. Not make him feel like a stranger’s first and last encounter with him will involve said stranger watching the breath drain out of him. I am seated cross-legged on … Continue reading Sunshine, Thoughts, Death.

Hydrophobic people and other stories

We all know that one person that is allergic to showering. Fingers, names? But I made a recent discovery, this might have something to do with PTSD. It is not African to claim conditions like that. (Disclaimer, I understand the gravity of mental health conditions and the impact of the condition I have named.) But, … Continue reading Hydrophobic people and other stories