Oh Fiona (exhales)

I woke up Saturday to a text. A proposal, he called it. To what I have no idea. Only he can do things like that. Give texts a title. My eyes were half shut, my brain was fully asleep, my entire body completely tired. So i tossed my phone aside and went back to sleep. … Continue reading Oh Fiona (exhales)


Here’s another one

It has been forever. What happened while I was away? I can give one million and one reasons why this was so. I have a good sob story. “Do you want a sob story?” “All in that opinion say aaayyyeee.” No one. Sob stories are boring. Besides, this has been a great couple of weeks. … Continue reading Here’s another one

Dentist inflicted traumas

Kenyan dentists, please stand up. I am on a quest to find a good dentist. I have been blessed with good teeth. (I should have started that with “I am not bragging”, like all good show-offs do.) My mouth has never played host to a cavity or any of its close relatives. The closest I … Continue reading Dentist inflicted traumas


Nauzwa na fifty :)

Leo nimegeuzwa machungwa. Fingers of blame pointed towards Kenyan traffic. Nairobi in particular. You see if there is one life skill Kenyan roads teach you it is to expect the unexpected. Today road A will have Mbugua take 10 minutes from point A to point B, but tomorrow he will take 92 minutes. Or maybe … Continue reading Nauzwa na fifty 🙂


Welcome to your Sarahah

I believe it is a safe assumption that if you can locate this blog on this jungle called the Internet, you must have seen this word in a place or two. At any given point in time there is that one thing that is all the craze. You know something that everyone seems to be … Continue reading Welcome to your Sarahah


Sperm-Donor Zoned :)

I write this story knowing I will have to run away after this. Because this one time I will make no effort to hide who I am talking about. She will know I am talking about her so why should I bother trying to hide it? So much work that will all be rendered useless … Continue reading Sperm-Donor Zoned 🙂


I remember

I remember the weight of your body on my feeble frame. I remember which part of me hurt the most from having to carry you. I remember a lot of other things too. In fact, I think just about everything. Your hands pinning me down when you came in. Struggling under you, because I thought … Continue reading I remember