I remember

I remember the weight of your body on my feeble frame. I remember which part of me hurt the most from having to carry you. I remember a lot of other things too. In fact, I think just about everything. Your hands pinning me down when you came in. Struggling under you, because I thought … Continue reading I remember


Nothing to see here

It is afternoon and I am walking home. Look at that, 12 years seated in an English class and I still did not learn. My primary school English teacher would cane me thoroughly for that one. Or pinch me. She really liked doing that. Pinching innocent children like me who deliberately make grammatical mistakes on … Continue reading Nothing to see here

How many have you read?

According to The BBC a lot of people have read not more than six titles in the list below. The challenge was, post the list and bold the titles you’ve read. Somebody had 69 bolded titles. Wow. If they added in an instruction to italicize the ones you own, that would have added a lot more … Continue reading How many have you read?

Secrets between my bike and I

I have a secret to tell. And no, I did not kill a man or rob a bank. I cannot ride a bicycle. That is my secret. It’s a secret because if you walked up to me on the streets and asked me about bicycles, I will tell you I have been riding them since … Continue reading Secrets between my bike and I

The thin line between genius and lunacy.

It is the first day of a new month. Is it appropriate to throw in a 'with a new month comes new things' here? Sometimes, I think of myself as a bit of a motivational speaker. Just a lil. Today I wanted to give it a shot. I hope it works. If you knew a … Continue reading The thin line between genius and lunacy.

Ride in ‘The Beast’

Here I am in a nissan, with at least 24 passengers on board. I say at least because I lost count somewhere along the way. Just so you know, the vehicle was not overloaded at the stage when I boarded it. There were only four passengers on board. Four out of its capacity of 18. … Continue reading Ride in ‘The Beast’