Fanta Diallo

So, this last week, someone did a very random and kind thing for me. There’s been a lot going on of late, which made it all the more unexpected. I was buried nearly neck-deep in things that I needed to do but that were sucking every bit of energy and joy from me. I don’t … Continue reading Fanta Diallo


She Talks Too Much

So there’s this guy. That’s how all stories start ain’t it? There’s this guy. There’s this girl. But this is not going to be one of those, I promise. In fact, I will use fewer words than I normally would. Because this is one of those stories where too many words spoil the tale. My … Continue reading She Talks Too Much


The word generation gap has been used so many times you can almost hear it scream out ‘get another word’. Every single thing that’s different between people of different ages is a generation gap. Whether true or not, it’s a generation gap. Who are you to fight it. Today I found a new definition of … Continue reading Wozzap

Girl in a Boys’ School

Some maybe two weeks ago, there was a story in the news about some students from a Boy’s School who were found in a neighbouring Girls’ School. And ‘cause they are all for giving it their best when they shoot their shot, they were dressed in the Girls’ uniforms. For those who aren’t best of … Continue reading Girl in a Boys’ School

Photo me?

It is funny how some things just never change. The way people start telling their African mum stories on Twitter and Facebook and it is like everyone grew up in the same house. Or all our mothers attended the same ‘Motherhood’ school despite having never met. Last week, I was walking in town. At around … Continue reading Photo me?

She is a tiger you cannot tame

This story I wrote a very long time ago. And for one reason or another decided against sharing it. But today I shrugged and decided to put it up. I will not date it though. Enjoy. ********* Still waters run deep. Common phrase. It’s truth evidenced by the one sitting across from me. She shifts … Continue reading She is a tiger you cannot tame