The knife in my bag

I am toying with the knife that sits at the bottom of my bag. A pocket knife. I carry it everywhere with me these days. I wonder what it feels like to have to use it on an actual person. But I am also pretty sure I don’t want to find out. Not practically at … Continue reading The knife in my bag


Hydrophobic people and other stories

We all know that one person that is allergic to showering. Fingers, names? But I made a recent discovery, this might have something to do with PTSD. It is not African to claim conditions like that. (Disclaimer, I understand the gravity of mental health conditions and the impact of the condition I have named.) But, … Continue reading Hydrophobic people and other stories

Oh Fiona (exhales)

I woke up Saturday to a text. A proposal, he called it. To what I have no idea. Only he can do things like that. Give texts a title. My eyes were half shut, my brain was fully asleep, my entire body completely tired. So i tossed my phone aside and went back to sleep. … Continue reading Oh Fiona (exhales)

Dentist inflicted traumas

Kenyan dentists, please stand up. I am on a quest to find a good dentist. I have been blessed with good teeth. (I should have started that with “I am not bragging”, like all good show-offs do.) My mouth has never played host to a cavity or any of its close relatives. The closest I … Continue reading Dentist inflicted traumas

Nauzwa na fifty :)

Leo nimegeuzwa machungwa. Fingers of blame pointed towards Kenyan traffic. Nairobi in particular. You see if there is one life skill Kenyan roads teach you it is to expect the unexpected. Today road A will have Mbugua take 10 minutes from point A to point B, but tomorrow he will take 92 minutes. Or maybe … Continue reading Nauzwa na fifty 🙂

Welcome to your Sarahah

I believe it is a safe assumption that if you can locate this blog on this jungle called the Internet, you must have seen this word in a place or two. At any given point in time there is that one thing that is all the craze. You know something that everyone seems to be … Continue reading Welcome to your Sarahah