A man dead

A cracking sound wakes her. It doesn’t sound like wood being chopped down. It is definitely not her wooden door being forced open. It sounds like a thousand knuckles. Going off micro seconds apart; and then starting all over again. She quickly jumps out of bed. Pushes aside the curtain that separates the bedroom from … Continue reading A man dead


Fanta Diallo

So, this last week, someone did a very random and kind thing for me. There’s been a lot going on of late, which made it all the more unexpected. I was buried nearly neck-deep in things that I needed to do but that were sucking every bit of energy and joy from me. I don’t … Continue reading Fanta Diallo

She Talks Too Much

So there’s this guy. That’s how all stories start ain’t it? There’s this guy. There’s this girl. But this is not going to be one of those, I promise. In fact, I will use fewer words than I normally would. Because this is one of those stories where too many words spoil the tale. My … Continue reading She Talks Too Much

The Missing Note

It has been 5 years or thereabouts since I last wrote a poetry piece to completion. I gave it another shot recently. With assistance. Here goes.

To note, I also only recently learned I am called Winnie. 🙂


It’s been a long time since this site was updated. It’s not for a lack of content to share. I’m not sure there’s a justification for my silence, but I hope this piece makes up for it.

Thanks Winnie for the assist, this piece couldn’t have been without you. Moreover, it’s always a pleasure working with you.

** ** ** ** **

The whiteboard that is my mind is littered with sticky notes,

Memories and past experiences

Dreams and wishes

Hopes and visions

Friends and foes

Lovers and exes,

But you’re the sticky note that’s missing.


The gunk you left behind screams for attention,

A deafening silence amidst a million noises

The remaining pieces in their thousands,

They do not compare,

Their existence doesn’t matter,

There’s something I can neither see nor hear


All I want to do is put the missing sticky note back up.

But you’re…

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The word generation gap has been used so many times you can almost hear it scream out ‘get another word’. Every single thing that’s different between people of different ages is a generation gap. Whether true or not, it’s a generation gap. Who are you to fight it. Today I found a new definition of … Continue reading Wozzap

Dear Insanity, CC Alpha

Dear Insanity, CC: Alpha, I always blame you for everything. You should get in touch with the devil one of these fine days. He would tell you how to deal with that – being blamed for sins committed when you were taking a nap. But I am slowly starting to take responsibility for my own … Continue reading Dear Insanity, CC Alpha

Girl in a Boys’ School

Some maybe two weeks ago, there was a story in the news about some students from a Boy’s School who were found in a neighbouring Girls’ School. And ‘cause they are all for giving it their best when they shoot their shot, they were dressed in the Girls’ uniforms. For those who aren’t best of … Continue reading Girl in a Boys’ School