How some men sit

Here is a question I want answered. And one that I decided not to Google before penning this piece lest I change my mind about it. Is there any particular biological or evolutionary reason why men do not know how to keep their legs closed/crossed (that depends on your interpretation of those words).

I do not own a car and I constantly move around. Which means I sit through a lot of matatu rides. I cannot even count the number of times I have sat next to a man who does not seem to understand the concept of sharing space.

Do you remember the way back in primary school desk-mates would ‘fight’ and a line would literally be drawn by one person and person two told not to cross this line? This mostly came after the “I am not your friend anymore” statement. (Ama niache kujianika na shule nilienda? 😄) Can I do that in a mat?

Or tell him what our mothers and friends would tell us when we were younger and eons away from mastering the rule book that is lady-like behaviour. You know I would ask who wrote that book, but it would give you a wrong picture of me as a (insert appropriate negative descriptive word.) which I assure you I am not. The rule, that ladies must always keep their legs closed. 🙂

Where was I? The problem with me is I have the attention span of a housefly. I cannot even finish a sentence in my head before my mind is already thinking about something on the other end of the world polar zones. So yes I was asking about men and their legs.

I am actually writing this in a mat seated next to one of that kind and I really hope he is the nosy type  whose nose slithers into other people’s personal space the same way his legs do. Maybe then he’ll put his nose and legs away. Is that too much to ask for? But considering I have been busy reading blogs, he probably got bored of peeking over my shoulder or scarf when I opened a kitu 2000 word Bikozulu post. He has no idea what he is missing out on, but hey, I can’t blame him. If I am looking over someone’s shoulder I would very much like to see an interesting piece of gossip. Bonus if it has pictures. You don’t want me struggling to match your reading pace. You being too fast or too slow.

You get five gold stars if it is a meme. Lord do we love those. I think we should host a meme contest one of these fine days. 🙂

Not my job

I mentioned memes, surely I have to throw in one or two.


Back to my story. 🙂

Funny thing, his legs are actually out of my space now. And I assure you I did not stick my tongue out at him. Or pinch him ‘accidentally.’ All options I had considered. Maybe he read this piece. Or it could be that it is because I have decided two can play that game and my legs are now 10 feet apart. Maybe 9 and a half. Not that it’s any of your business, but I am in a trouser, not a dress or skirt. And I am hidden from public view. Well at least my legs are.

Problem one solved. Now problem two, my question. I still want to know. And I don’t want to Google it. Can someone give me an answer? Don’t be shy. 🙂 Because I think one of these fine days I will just ask a man seated next to me why, regardless of his age.


5 thoughts on “How some men sit

  1. Perhaps it is their way of saying, my genitals are so large they need more space. Perhaps it is in their nature, the way a lion will lay on it’s back, legs spread wide open. Or is it a dominate pose?

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