The knife in my bag

I am toying with the knife that sits at the bottom of my bag. A pocket knife. I carry it everywhere with me these days. I wonder what it feels like to have to use it on an actual person. But I am also pretty sure I don’t want to find out. Not practically at … Continue reading The knife in my bag


The beauty that is Mount Longonot

If there is one thing I love it is being in new places. Being, because much as I like seeing the scenery and I enjoy touring the new place, getting there might involve a range of illnesses and tantrums. I suppose I should have warned someone about this before we went to Longonot. Longonot has … Continue reading The beauty that is Mount Longonot

Sunshine, Thoughts, Death.

He’s probably dying. Or maybe he’s thirsty. Should I get him a drink? Help him up? Maybe I should let him preserve his dignity in death. Not make him feel like a stranger’s first and last encounter with him will involve said stranger watching the breath drain out of him. I am seated cross-legged on … Continue reading Sunshine, Thoughts, Death.

Hydrophobic people and other stories

We all know that one person that is allergic to showering. Fingers, names? But I made a recent discovery, this might have something to do with PTSD. It is not African to claim conditions like that. (Disclaimer, I understand the gravity of mental health conditions and the impact of the condition I have named.) But, … Continue reading Hydrophobic people and other stories

Oh Fiona (exhales)

I woke up Saturday to a text. A proposal, he called it. To what I have no idea. Only he can do things like that. Give texts a title. My eyes were half shut, my brain was fully asleep, my entire body completely tired. So i tossed my phone aside and went back to sleep. … Continue reading Oh Fiona (exhales)

Here’s another one

It has been forever. What happened while I was away? I can give one million and one reasons why this was so. I have a good sob story. “Do you want a sob story?” “All in that opinion say aaayyyeee.” No one. Sob stories are boring. Besides, this has been a great couple of weeks. … Continue reading Here’s another one

Dentist inflicted traumas

Kenyan dentists, please stand up. I am on a quest to find a good dentist. I have been blessed with good teeth. (I should have started that with “I am not bragging”, like all good show-offs do.) My mouth has never played host to a cavity or any of its close relatives. The closest I … Continue reading Dentist inflicted traumas